Jimi Paradise intervista Benjamin Benedek!

21 anni, 190 cm di altezza, Benjamin Benedek è sicuramente uno dei volti più promettenti tra i giovani modelli e sicuramente ne sentiremo parlare ancora.

Benjamin, scuderia Elite Milano, ha gentilmente accettato di rispondere alle mie domande che lo presenteranno al pubblico italiano. L'intervista è accompagnata dai bellissimi scatti della fotografa viennese Verena Mandragora.

Q. Are you a young model: how old are you and for how long are you modeling?
A. Yeah, I'm 21 and I'm really new at modeling, just 4-5 months. But everything is going so fast, its now the second time that I'm in Milan and the most people saying that I'm a really good newcomer and they say that I have many potentials for modeling. I hope I can make the best of it. Next year I want to travel in all big fashion cities to model there. My big dream: New York :)
Q. Were do you live? Do you like your city?
A. At the moment I'm living near Vienna in Austria and I like it there, the city and the people are really great there.

Q. Do you have a fav fashion designer? How do you dress?
A. I really like the look from Neil Barrett, its great! Actually I'm only wear things from Bershka. I like that style...
Q. Do you like your work? Would you change anything in your life?
A. Yeah, it's great, it's the best thing that happend to me in my life! No, I think it's ok for me how the things happened, I know everyone would change something in his life, but nothing is perfect. You must accept it as it happened.

Q. Let's talk about your tastes: fav music? Do you like movies, arts?
A. I have no particular favorite song. But if I had to say what my favorite song is now, then it is "Ostblockschlampen - Dog Safari". I just like all kind of electronic music. Movies are great, I love to watch movies :) As a web designer I'm also interested in art. But not the typical art that we imagine. It's digital art made with photoshop...
Q. Do you like cooking? What's your fav food?
A. I don't really like cooking but often it will not get you across. My fav food is all kind of chinese food and pizza :)

Q. Tell something to italian people! :D
A. You are great! I love Italy, I love the people here and I love the country, it's awesome!

photo credit: Sam Scott Schiavo, Verena Mandragora

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