Quattro chiacchiere con Sam Scott Schiavo!

Sam Scott Schiavo!

E' con grande orgoglio che pubblico questo post. Era da tempo che volevo intervistare un grande fotografo e quando mi si è presentata l'occasione di farlo col grande Sam Scott Schiavo non me la sono certo lasciata sfuggire!

I suoi lavori mi hanno sempre incuriosito perchè, nonostante la grandissima qualità grafica ed artistica dei suoi lavori, trovo che vada un pò controtendenza, ritenendo la tendenza attuale quella che porta ad esasperare il corpo, la sessualità, ecc... Temi di cui abbiamo parlato anche con alcuni modelli in interviste precedenti.

Sam Scott Schiavo

Sam, che mi ha anche invitato degli scatti in anteprima, fa un particolare uso della luce che mi interessa molto. E' quasi come se lasciasse che siano i corpi ed i visi stessi ad autocelebrarsi con la complicità dell'alta definizione e del colore, mentre il fotografo cerca di cogliere l'attimo di luce adatto allo scopo...

Sam Scott Schiavo

Mi fermo qui, perchè altrimenti finisco per dilungarmi su temi che interessano solo a me ed alla Guchi, lascio invece spazio al Sampensiero, ammesso che sia riuscito a scoprirlo con le mie domande...

Q: Ciao Sam, grazie per aver accettato l'intervista! Prima di tutto vorrei chiederti di presentarti ai (pochi) lettori che non ti conoscono!
A: Italo-American, Photographer and recently short film maker, editor, music lyric writer... A creative (or at least i try to be!)...

Q: I tuoi lavori sono sotto gli occhi di tutti. Per il 2013 che programmi hai? Cosa sogni per il tuo futuro lavorativo?
A: I will continue to do as i have been these past years, following my own drum... Doing what pleases me, being selective as possible. There are many projects on the horizon in 2013, but as someone with Southern Italian blood in his veins, i am superstitious in speaking about them until officially out. Momentarily you can expect a mens' editorial based on the Roy Batty character in Blade Runner and a print and video for the Hungarian accessory designer JULIA KALDY that i am super enthusiastic about. There are other amazing projects/collaborations in fashion and the erotic that you will have to wait and see ;-)

Q: Hai dei modelli/modelle che ti hanno colpito in modo particolare, non solo per il fisico?
A: I have worked with many many well known models yet i adore working with models with no or little experience, there's something about the energy & enthusiasm they bring to the shoot which you can see in the final image. Naturally I also have my share of muses like Hunter whom I have been shooting for 15 years and this past year I have been fortunate to have worked with a few new finds that have muse potential.

Q: Dividi la tua vita tra Milano, Vienna e...?
A: Milano is my home. I have lived in Italy longer than i have lived in my mother country and will always be italian in my heart dispite the horrible political and economic climate there. I was drawn to Vienna for it's artistic & historical past but in these past two years I was fortunate to travel often to Budapest for creative projects and have discovered a mystical city full of art, breathtaking architecture, history, culinary surprises and amazing beautiful models, both male and female, for me Hungary is the new Brazil!
Sam Scott Schiavo
Q: Hai dei famliari in Italia?
A: I wish! I am third generation American, my great grandparents were from Campania, Calabria and Sicilia. I do have friends in Italy for over 20 years that are like family to me!

Q: Cosa ti piace fotografare? Hai dei canoni ideali?
A: I like to find the beauty in everyone while remaining natural, there is already too much ugliness in the world but i hate those overly photoshopped plastic idols too often falsely created. For me a man should be handsome and healthy and the female beautiful and alluring but neither being banal. They should have a character/intensity about them. 

Q: Nel mondo dell'arte chi ti colpisce: attori, musicisti, artisti preferiti?
A: Well, my favorite artists are from the past Francis Bacon and Basquiat. Actors current would be Julianne Moore, Robert DeNiro, Daniel Day-Lewis and from the past I am a diehard Marlon Brando fan. Musical performers i could not even name anyone as i am trapped in the past, i still listen to Motown, The Sound of Philadelphia and Disco!

Q: Cosa pensi di Jimi Paradise? :P
A: Great Guy... XD

Q: Segui molto le notizie? Cosa pensi della situazione italiana? E del Vaticano? Ti piace Obama?
A: I adore Obama! I voted for him and through my postings and blogging i hope that i encouraged some undecided voters to vote for him! The situation in Italy saddens me, i follow the news good or bad, i believe that the majority of our politicians belong in prison along with the banking leaders and Vatican! I believe the church should be taxed, they are an incredible money making machine. I could go on and on but I will spare you!
Sam Scott Schiavo
Q: Cosa ne pendi del matrimonio tra persone dello stesso sesso?
It is completely normal and should become the norm in every country, i am embarrassed to say also the USA is years behind in this but is starting to change ... In Italy they use the Vatican and family as an excuse and close their eyes to all that Bunga Bunga here!
Q: Ti sei mai ispirato alla religione per qualche tuo lavoro?
A: Relgion never as an inspiration, even though my mother is very religious, we grew up with our own thoughts. I always thought is was a great fable, made for good entertainment.

Q: Sei credente? Che ideali hai?
A: I believe in the good in all of us. I guess I am very Zen!

Q: Qual'è il luogo dove ti senti a casa? Dove ti sei trovato meglio?
A: I have a weakness for Tuscany, good food and friends there, i lived in Florence a few years and are still my favorite times!

Q: Dove si lavora meglio?
A: Luckily i can shoot a project anywhere and send by internet to a client anywhere. Every country has it's  good and bad. An Utopia does not exist. I am sad that Italy is not as full of creativity as it once was, hopefully this will change.

Q: I ragazzi e le ragazze più belli sono... ?
A: USA, Canada, Brazil, The Netherlands, Russia, Hungary... I am fond of the Eastern European Beauty in both male and female.

Q: Hai degli animali?
A: I had 3 cats for many years, now i am traveling too often to have pets! I was thinking a few years ago to get a parrot, then a model said to me that the parrot live long and would outlive me! So i changed my mind!

Q: Cosa non deve mancare a casa tua?
A: Good natural lightinternet, music, plants, art work and books and more books!

Q: Cibo preferito? Cucini?
A: Italian cuisine is #1 but i also like Asian and Hungarian. I am an excellent cook, at one point in my life i was even considering opening up a restaurant, i am good with any pasta dish that i can throw together but my specialty is eggplant parmigiana.
Q: Vuoi farmi delle domande?
A: What makes your Blog special, different from the others?   
Jimi: that's Jimi Paradise, baby, you know... ;)
Q: Un saluto ed un augurio per il lettori di Jimi Paradise?
A: Expect the unexpected from me... and Good Health and Creativity in 2013 to all of you!
Grandissimo Sam! Un augurio a te per tutti i tuoi programmi e un "in bocca al lupo" se vorrai aprire un ristorante (mi raccomando invitami! :P). Grazie ancora per aver accettato l'intervista e per quanto hai accettato di dire nelle tue risposte! 


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