Intervista alla fotografa Verena Mandragora

Sono molto felice che questa giovane ma talentuosa fotografa viennese abbia accettato di rispondere alle domande che le ho posto!

Sassolini nella scarpa: [Prima o poi, però, un post su chi e come non accetta un'intervista per il JHP lo dovrò fare: ogni testa un universo ragazzi...]

Ma non togliamo spazio alla brava Verena, ecco le domande che le abbiamo posto:

Q. Hi Verena, speak about your art: why did you start photographing and what do you like to photograph to? 
A. I´ve worked as editor for some magazines, doing some journalism stuf fand reports from events etc. Once our photographer found no time to attend to an event that was not so important and that´s why our chief editor encouraged me – or better say gave the camera to me to come back with some photos. So there´s no big way how I made it into photography with long tradition of family story, it just „happened“. I´m specialised on fashion and editorial photography. I started with people photography three years ago and it seems that I´ll be stuck into it – with my heart, my soul and my passion. 
Q. Your shots seems to celebrate beauty: do you have a ideal of beauty itself? 
A. No, I have not. My photography is more like „collecting looks“. Nevertheless I prefer it natural, I´m not a fan of fake nails or hair extensions. The more inconsiderable, the better. I love to explore, but – in fact- only witness something that´s already there.

Q. Nowadays what's the role and significance of photography? What's the point of shoting to the present day? 
A. It´s still something for eternity. Some frozen moments. Some impressions. Some angles of view. Mostly very personal, with a connotation of photographer, model, make up, styling, ambience. It´s just a heartbeat, a short glimpse that could reveal long stories in your mind. It´s an impulse, kind of kick-off, but never too determined to stop your own thoughts. That´s the big difference to film: You can make your own interpretation. And that´s what keeps photography alive. 
Q. Do you work for fashion? What do you think about fashion? 
A. I often work with and for young designers and magazines. It´s a fast changing world with new and old ideas. Fashion is far more than a simple surface. I like how you can interpret looks, create understatemend and break it in the meantime. It´s a suggestion of living, ready to make your own interpretation of it. It´s quite similar to that „photography thing“: Express yourself. And I have to admit: I love fabrics with their different conditions and characteristics.

Q. Let's speak about art in general: do you have fav artists? Do you have inspiring people in your mind while working? 
A. Most of the time I try being myself. It often depends on the mood of the day. I´ve studied art history so there are definitely some influences. At the moment there are some photographers having an effect like Anthony Meyer and to name some real „legends“ Ellen von Unwerth or Peter Lindbergh. Their work is quite simple, clean and direct. I love it straight with small nuances of everything else you can imagine. 
Q. And what about technology: are we all photographer today? 
A. Cameras are tools. Equipment can make it easier to make a good shoot or even make it harder. Everyone who takes a photo is a photographer. The difference is how you use your photos or let´s say for which purpose you´ve shot your photo. A quick picture on your way home for instagram? All your friends will love it. A big production with hours or days of working for an international magazine? Maybe it will make you famous. A photo of your girl- or boyfriend on your last holiday smiling at you expressing all the love he/she can ever give to you? Have a look on this picture in a few years and you´ll still feel the emotions.

all pics: © Verena Mandragora

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