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Jakub Stefano è uno dei ragazzi più belli e amati su internet. Nato in Repubblica Ceca, non passa inosservato alle case di produzione che rendono noto il paese.

Ma non fa mai del porno: comincia a posare, più o meno vestito, sfoggiando la sua potente fisicità e viene notato dai più importanti fotografi. Seguitissimo dai suoi fan, ora festeggia i suoi primi 30 anni e gestisce da solo la sua immagine tramite i social e fa il personal trainer. Noi l'abbiamo intervistato in esclusiva per voi!


Hi Jakub, let's speak about you: where are you from, where do yuo live and work now?

Hey Jimi! I'm from Czech Republic, i live there but i spend lot of my time in L.A. cuz it's just place to be and i have great friends there and just enjoy the weather.
About my work, i have a few projects working on... Running my site, my store blog and fan pages. being webcam model, fitness and underwear model. I used to train in gym too, but now not really having time for that...

You are one of the sexiest and desired guys in the world! When did you started modeling and why? What do you feel? How your life is changed?

Well, i started at 19, so its been 11 years... So u can imagine how many changes... Travel helped me, it helps me make new friends and contacts. Helped me get to know great people in entertainment industry and to know diferent countries and mentality. Why? I dunno, just cuz i though i could do it! LOL... I never really had any desire to show off, but is allways nice when people thinks u look good. We all like compliments, i'm sure! And afterall, is a good way to make money and manage your time...

How do you define yourself: gay, bi, straight? What's your point of view in legalizing gay marriage?

Well... There is no question about it! It should be legal allready everywhere! And... I'm bi... :)

You posed nude. Are you a bit exhibitionist? What can we espect from your future: something harder, fashion or what?

Well, that might suprise u, but no! I don't think i'm an exhibitionist, but as well i'm not shame about my body, i don't do naked pics anymore...  But when it have style, nudity is good and normal!
My future... I'm sure i'm not going to get into harder stuff not at all... will see what life brings me, i might suprise u and might not... LOL... But def u not going to see me in any porn! Sorry if it make u sad... lolol

Jakub Bandoch by Bradford Rogne

Jakub Stefano by Adam Bouska

Jakub Stefano by Dylan Rosser

The best and the worst moments of your career...

Uhhh... That's hard to say...

Best: i really enjoy every great shoot, every magazine cover or billboard i do and that make people feeling good about it as well as when people say they love my work and i help them change their lifestyle, etc... That's what u enjoy all the time!

Worst moment i dont know... We all do mistakes, etc... But we know it's life, we have to take all negative stuff to teach and make a better person...

Do you shop? What do you think about fashion?

Yeah, i do shop! I'm not too crazy about shopping as well not too crazy about fashion, but i like to look good and i like to wear classy style...  My favorite brands are Hugo Boss, CK and Gucci! 

Let's speak about your body: do you enjoy sports, do you have some secret diet to keep yourself fit?

Yeah, i love sport! I start to play basketball at 6 years old in gym since 14 and i played soccer as well... Studied journalism and sport so even in university i had to do sport... I guess i tried almost all sports possible in my life. Now i go to gym 3-4 times a week, i play soccer once with friends, beachvolleyball once a week as well and twice a week i do MMA and i want to do sport till my health allows me or till i die! LOL...

About diet... It depends on motivation, allways. I watch my food all year long but when i don't have shoot lined up or underwear show i dont keep hardcore diet, i just avoid bad sugar and and flour stuff like bread, etc .. Before shoot or when i just want be more riped, i do low carb diet or carb waves. It's rough but it work allways and for everyone... ;)

And what about technology: are you a technology-dependent?

Yes, technology is big part of my life: i have 2 pcs, 2 laptops and iPhone. All of this mostly for work 
as well as social media: if u wanna be succesfull u have to keep up with technology and social media promotes yourself all the time... 



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