Intervista all'artista Patrick Fillion!

Lo seguo da anni ed è uno dei miei artisti preferiti. Unisce l'arte digitale al disegno a mano, i suoi eroi sono gay ed iper-muscolosi: lui è PATRICK FILLION!

Oddio, ho fatto una presentazione alla Maria de Filippi?!?... Vabbuò... Del resto oggi è il primo ottobre, magari tornano gli stimoli alla lettura e grazie ai suggerimenti del Jimi scoprite qualcosa di nuovo... Patrick, che ha coronato il suo sogno d'amore sposando il suo compagno tempo fa, ora ha gentilmente accettato di rispondere a qualche mia domanda!

Q. Hi Patrick! Tks' for accepting this interview! So, you're Canadian: what's the situation for gay people in your country?
A. Things are not too bad here in Canada. We're able to get married, and generally speaking, most people are accepting of gay people. But it's like anywhere else.... different parts of the country are more accepting than others, and you still have to be wise about where you are and how much of yourself you reveal. But for the mostpart, I think that to a lot of Canadians, being a gay person is no different than being Caucasian, Black, Asian etc...

Q. You're a famous and well known artist. When did you started? What made you start?
A. I started drawing when I was just a little kid. I was a pretty quiet child, and preferred reading comic books and drawing to playing with with toy trucks and stuff like that. I started drawing comics when I was about 8. I've always loved drawing comics and superheroes. Professionally, I got my first big break when I was in my early 20s. I ended up drawing for Avatar Press and for adult magazines like Black Inches, Latin Inches etc... it was great because I got a lot of experience working for those people, but I was craving a chance to work on my own projects. From that point on I decided I wanted to focus on my own characters and comic book creations, and so I created Class Comics with my life and business partner, Fraser. I felt that there was a real demand for gay adult comics and I felt very inspired to create works of that genre. I've been doing it ever since. It's been a wonderful experience, and I love that over the years, the fans of my comics have been so supportive and that they appreciate the characters and stories as much as the sexual aspects of my work. It's a wonderful feeling.

Q.What is your formal education? Do you have any models that inspire you?
A.  I don't have any formal art education. I've been drawing all my life, so I suppose you could say that I learned to do what I do through years and years of practice. As for models that inspire me, I don't have any one specific model that I turn to as inspiration. I do love the world of porn, and there are so many handsome, sexy guys in the industry. A lot of them inspire me. In my work, I sometimes use photorefernce, and sometimes I don't. It's in the interest of the art and what works best for the particular peice I'm working on at the time. While models are great and often help to get the poses and anatomy just right, I pride myself on being able to draw without needing models too. It's all part of how I developed my style. It's always been important to me to know how anatomy works and how it should lool.

Q. Happy or not: this HUGE movie adaptations of great comics?
A.  In some cases, I am happy about the movie adaptations of my favorite comics, and in others, I'm not. For me, it mostly depends on which actor or actress has been cast in the role of my favorite characters. For example, the X-Men films are fun, and while Halle Berry is a beautiful woman and a wonderful actress, in my head, I always envisioned someone like Angela Bassett playing the role of Storm. But that doesn't keep me from enjoying the films. After all a great deal of work and effort goes into making them, and I appreciate that aspect a lot... even on the Superhero movies I don't like. 

Q. Fav hero? Are you a comic book reader?
A. Yes, I love comics. I used to read more comics when I was a kid, but as an adult, there are still certain titles that I love and enjoy. My favorite comic character is STORM of the X-Men. I LOVE her. I've also always really loved Nightcrawler and Iron Fist. So you could say that I am a real "Marvel Fan". 

Q. Do you like science fiction or fantasy? I see spectacular settings and characters in your works...
A. I love both Science Fiction and Fantasy. I find both genres amazing -- very creative, inspirational and imaginitive. In the stories I create with Camili-Cat for example, I infuse a lot of science fiction elements. I love creating sexy aliens and alien worlds for Cam to play with. But with characters like Zahn, for example, I use a lot of fantasy elements. I guess that's what happens when you grow up loving Star Wars, Star Trek, Space 1999 and Masters of the Universe all at the same time! It opens your mind and inspiration up to various genres and allows you to appreciate them for all they have to offer. I think you can easily enjoy both science fiction and fantasty at the same time, because they both offer wonderful things, and sometimes they can overlap really well.

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