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Philip Fusco

Bello, giovane, sportivissimo, Philip Fusco si sta ritagliando una sua particolare parte nel panorama dei self-made-models al pari di Benjamin Godfre ed altri. Di chiara origine italiana, occhi verdi e sguardo alla Sylvester Stallone, Philip ha molti programmi per il suo futuro ed ha molto gentilmente accettato di sottoporsi a qualche mia domanda.

La prima volta che lo vidi, ricordo molto bene, aveva un micro tanga rosso che copriva il giusto per evitare le censure più feree, ma già si potevano intuire le sue "qualità"...

Philip ora gestisce ben due portali, il suo sito ed un portale sul fintess, ha una pagina Facebook ed una su Youtube, ma le sue ambizioni lo portano a volere sempre di più...

Philip Fusco

Vediamo come se l'è cavata con le mie perfide domande...

Q: I suspect you are of italian descent, are you? What you think about that? What's italian in you and what you think about Italy and italian people?
A: I am from Sicily, Bari and Naples. I love my italian heritage. I love italian people and i love italian food. Pasta is available 24-7 at my house!
Q: Where do you live now? Do you like your city? Where would you live?
A: I live on Long Island by the city. I would love to have two houses: one in Los angelas and one in New York!
Q: You started very early in the career of model. Do you have to compromise? Did you do something to regret?
A: No compromise at all! I loved every minute of my career from the first shoot up untill now!
Q: Describe your family and the relationship with your family...
A: My family is very loud, and always in each others business, my mom loves too clean and sometimes ill find her at 3 am cleaning and sweeping. I am also very close with my family and my siblings...
Philip Fusco

Q: I have your blog in my favourite, but there's now a new project: philcity! What is about and what's the idea behind it?
A: Thanks alot :) The idea behind philcity is just to get extremely close with my fan base and learn about them through vaious social sites and for them to learn about me and everything that i am into. I have my facebook which i use alot as well as philcity and youtube which is new for me and i will be releasing informative videos starting mid january for everyone to watch...
Q: You are also a dj, what do you prefer: fitness or music?
A: I use to dj alot, i don't do that as much anymore because of modeling but i like them both equally... For me to have a great session at the gym i love to include great music!
Q: Some excercise recommended after Christmas?
A: Humm... Starting this time of the year i would recommend crunches and curls (those are some of my favorites)...
Q: Do you like Christmas?
A: I love christmas!
Q: Music to listen in 2013?
A: Dj Tiesto and Dada Life (great djs i love)...
Philip Fusco

Q: Same question i've done to other models: 1,000,000 $ for porn, yes or no and why?
A: Nope lol.. I like my reputation where it is and wouldent want to ad porn into the mix at all...  
Q: Do you like Obama?
A: Yes, of course i do!
Q: What you think about gay marriage and prohibitions of the Catholic Curch in the social life?
A: I love gay marriage and think it's wrong for people to be against any sex marriage Honestly, how can you dently two people the right to love?
Q: Favourite food? Do you cook?
A: Chicken franchaise (lemon chicken) and of course i cook, i love it! 
Q: What you like and what does not in your physical? And in your face?
A: I love my arms and i never really though of something i dont like.. And i like my facial structure... (Me too... :P)
Q: And finally, than's for accepting the interview from Jimi Paradise, you're so kind! Greetings to my readers and best wishes for 2013?
A: THANK you for taking the time to interview me. I want to wish everyone a great 2013 and stick around,, and instagram@phil1518 for constant fitness, life, and modeling updates from me!
Ovviamente lo faremo! Grazie per gli auguri e per aver gentilmente accettato di rispondere alle mie domande: grande Philip!

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