Jimi Paradise intervista Benjamin Godfre!

Felice che Benjamin abbia accettato di farsi intervistare per la prima volta da un magazine italiano, seppur virtuale, per celebrare l'ormai prossimo compleanno di JHP! Benjamin è un famoso modello 24enne statunitense di cui ho parlato molto spesso, non conosce molto l'Italia ma ha voluto rispondere ugualmente alle mie infide domande... Ah, ci ha regalato questo foto che gustiamo volentieri!

Benjamin Godfre

Q: Is your first interview for an italian magazine?
A: Yes this is my first interview for an italian magazine.

Q: We got to enjoy your last works, very hot and exciting. You're now a web star, what are your programs: cinema, tv, fashion?
A: Now that my website is fully operational I am introducing BG Fitness and BG TV. BG Fitness is going to evolve into a collection of urban style and traditional style workout routines. BG TV is where I will post hilarious, interesting, and informative video clips for your entertainment purposes only.

Q: You starded very young as model, what do you think about nudes in photography?
A: I started modeling when I was 10 years old and I'm 24 now. I did my first nude shoot when I was 18 with Robert John Guttke and now I LOVE posing nude :-) I think posing nude is about art, not erotica.

Q: Who is your fav photographer?
A: My favorite photographer is probably David Vance from Miami

Q: Do you like italian fahion? What's your fav?
A: I love italian fashion. I respect the designs of Roberto Cavalli and Versace because they are always leading the industry with new and fresh designs.

Q: Is America so different from Europe for a young guy in search of success?
A: Thanks to globalization, America and Europe are similar in terms of young people searching success. In any geographical region, the ingredients for success are: desire, motivation, focus, confidence, and to have a support system.

Q: Do you like your body, your face? Many sex-symbols don't like themselves...
A: Don't want to sound conceded but yes I love myself and my body. I am always getting tons of feedback about my work so that might add to my confidence. I'm definitely not shy.

Q: What do you think about gay marriage?
A: My thoughts on gay marriage: I support it 100%! Why should the institution of marriage only be reserved for heterosexual couples? I mean, If a gay couple wants to lock themselves into a monogamous and committed life of misery and hell then they should be allowed to as well. "Honey, did you get the kids?" "yes dear"

Q: Forget America for a moment. Your fav place to live in?
A: Besides OC, California, the best place I would like to live would be BCN, Spain because the climate is similar and the skating is bountiful.

Q: Recent economic crysis have changed our society, do you have references, idols?
A: I respect and idolize happy people!


Q: Do you pray?
A: Do I pray? Of course! I pray that Hell is about 80 degrees and sunny because that's where i'm going...

Q: What you think about Church scandals?
A: Church scandals are juicy and hilarious. I always knew pastor Joel didn't REALLY love me.

Q: Let's speak about sex! Do you enjoy it, have fav positions, secret passions?
A: Sex? I like to have sex to dubstep... really grimy dubstep like skrillex or borgore. Lately I've been on a dry-spell but I've also been very busy.

Q: What do you look first in another girl/guy (i don't know about your sexuality)?
A: When I look for someone who attracts me, I usually notice teeth, hair, and attitude. I can read people really easily. It's a skill I learned how to do when I was always the new-kid growing up.

Q: $ for a porn movie: yes or no?
A: A billion dollars for a porn movie? No thank's!

Q: What you think about Italy? And about italians?
A: I've never been to Italy but I have heard that it's relatively convervative. I bet Italy is full of freaks ready to explode ;-)

Q: Immortality: yes or no?
A: I guess I kind of believe in immortality because I believe in reincarnation. If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

Cats or dogs?
A: Cats or dogs? Plants...

Q: Let's talk about music: who are your fav artists an why?
A: My favorite music. I love Drumstep, Dubstep, hip-hop, screamo. I listen to UKF dubstep and follow drumstep tags on Tumblr. I enjoy skrillex, bassnectar, wiz kahilfa, NERO, InContext, ect.

Bhe, che dire? Grazie Benjamin anche da parte dei lettori di JHP per la disponibilità! Ora ti conosciamo meglio e sappiamo anche che hai una bella testa, oltre che un bel... fisico! :P
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