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Come si fa a diventare stilisti oggi? Cosa vuol dire arte nel 2015? Difficile dirlo... Di sicuro la tecnologia offre molti spunti e possibilità! Noi abbiamo intervistato chi la sa usare al meglio...


Q. Hi guys! Let's speak about your art: When and why did you start?

A. We both were artistic as children. Adrian always wanted to be an artist and Shane always wanted to be an architect from a really early age. Working together wasn’t planned. It was the result of a very drunken night, a bottle of Absolut vodka and a sketch pad in a student flat in Glasgow in 1998. Within a year of that we had our first exhibition. We've been exhibiting fairly regularly since then. Everything we do seems to happen organically. 


Q. Your photos seem to convey male love, but within a sort of provocative way: what do you want to tell us?

A. We are telling a story through our work, recording our journey. We like to play with provocative imagery, it's fun and empowering.

Q. Do you put a bit of eroticism in your art: what's the "perfect erotic thing" in your minds?

A. Sometimes hinting and eroticism is the best thing. Rather than being blatant and hardcore. Good lighting is the most perfect erotic thing :)

Q. You defined yourself as "two artist working as one": how is that possible?

A.  When we first started we would work on one canvas and swap the canvas over and back until we had a finished piece. So it's two artists making one piece, or one body of work. 

Q. Do you travel a lot for your work? Where do you live? Do you like your country? Is ok for your work? 

A.  Yes we try and travel when we can. And if we are exhibiting our work internationally we try to get to the opening as much as we can. We live in Ireland and love being here but also love to go travelling. Our studio is here. The internet/social media makes it possible to reach a worldwide audience without having to leave our studio.

Q. Nowadays what's the role and significance of provocative art?

A. To make people uncomfortable, to burst bubbles, to make you think. People stop thinking for themselves and start judging based on beliefs put on them. Art bursts those bubbles and wakes people up. 


Q. Do you work for fashion? What do you think about fashion?

A. We have our own t-shirt range and have a lot of friends who are designers. We love fashion. Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, John Paul Gaultier and Isabella Blow are all inspirations to us.

Q. Let's speak about art in general: do you have favourite artists? Do you have inspiring people in your minds while working?

A. We love Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Yayoi Kusama, Tracey Emin, Connor Harrington. When you see a piece by another artist and wish you made that you hold it in your mind for inspiration. 


Q. And what about technology: are we all artists today?

A. Technology has been a great help to people. I suppose we can all be artists but it doesn't mean you are a good artist or that you are making good art.




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