Intervista al fotografo emergente Manuel Moncayo (english version)

manuel moncayo

Manuel Moncayo è un giovane fotografo messicano che attualmente vive e lavora a Berlino. Un fotografo che non si limita a ritrarre la bellezza dei suoi modelli, ma che riesce a catturarne le emozioni. Ama l'architettura e la natura, e nei suoi scatti riesce a miscelare le sue passioni creando lavori unici. Godetevi l'intervista:

Manuel Moncayo photographer, born in 1989 in Mexico, but now living in Berlin. In two words introduce yourself to our blog?

Straight forward

manuel moncayo

When your passion for photography is born?

My passion for photography is mainly a passion for discovering the world, and I guess that is born when you are a kid and it keeps on being shaped while growing up. Photography is just a medium of registering experiences and it’s accessible and easy to approach.
What I find very interesting is your diary on tumblr associate to pictures. The inspirations for the shoots comes from the experiences from your life?

Mainly the pictures are about my experiences cause I carry my camera with me, the text is not necessarily related to the photos, cause I write about my inspirations or what trills me.

manuel moncayo

From Mexico to Berlin. Two different cultures and two different ways of living. How such a change has influenced your art?

Mexico and Berlin are both part of me but Berlin is directly related to the present and to a lack of prejudice. Being a foreigner is a way of detachment and I think that brings a lot of freedom to the work as well.
manuel moncayo

Thinking about an idea, realize it and then show it to us. Tell us about the emotions you feel in the creative process?

The process dictates the feeling and the idea. Every month has a different light, every guy that I take pictures of has something to contribute to the project and I like to capture that. Remaining invisible is where the emotion lies.

Male nude and architecture: how two themes so (apparently) different are actually the recurring theme of your art?

Writers should write about what they know, so I take pictures of gay men. Architecture transcends self-existence, old or new is mind blowing, it is present, history and future.

manuel moncayo

In your photo I'm moved by the light and colors. You have some particular moments or favorite places you loved to work?

I like to work in exteriors; the forest brings a lot of peace too

In Italy, but in general in the Catholic culture, the nude is seen as something dirty. Your photos prove that it is not true, that the body is the most beautiful and natural thing. What do you think? Are there still taboos?

Our current society moves on high speed, and therefore it’s time to stop thinking about nudity the way we’ve been taught, old values die everyday and we are responsible for creating the future ones. It should be our obligation to discard all the knowledge that do not let us transcend, not only the information that passes from one generation to the next one but also the messages that we get from mass media. Regarding Italy, it was once the heart of an empire that built the most beautiful sculptures of naked men, catholic church was very powerful afterwards and also sponsored artists like Bernini, maybe it’s time for Italian culture to reconsider its roots, but it is not an isolated process, it should be a global society’s task as well.

manuel moncayo

Selfies and Instagram: don't you believe we are saturated with images often without contents?

I have no problem with images that have no content, not every image has to be deep or supported by a concept. We are surrounded by images that are made just to follow a trend but you can’t blame masses for their behavior. I often find myself wondering why people take pictures of their food and uploads them but following is an option. 

And now... Let's play with us to know you better. Tell us who are the artists who most inspired you?

Daehyun Kim, Cyprien Gaillard, Kristoffer Borgli, Hedi Slimane, Peter Saville, Thieves Like Us, Wild Nothing and Sofia Coppola.

manuel moncayo

Books, music, movies. What Manuel loves?

What I love keeps on changing, I trust the cinema to get away from reality. When it comes to music, as a teenager I used to listen to Joy Division and other “indie rock” bands but M.I.A. along her visuals made me consider moving forward and listen to other genres and to remain open to explore. Now I am reading all the books that as a teenager lost the chance to read, and also visit a lot of contemporary galleries, I love new, I have a strange need for new.

Thank you for granting us this interview. How Manuel say “goodbye” to our Italian readers?

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you in Italy soon, Ciao!

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