Jimi Paradise intervista l'artista gay Aknaton (english version)

Una delle forme d'espressione principali del movimento lgbtq è sempre stata l'arte. Oggi, grazie alle nuove tecnologie e al mischiarsi con la moda, la gay art è un fenomeno sempre più in voga...


Il JP ha sempre avuto un occhio di riguardo per artisti e esordienti. Oggi abbiamo voluto dare voce a Aknaton che ci ha anche regalato una copertina personalizzata!

Siete curiosi?!? :P


D: Hi man, thanks for accepting an intervew from us. Lets speak about your art: what inspired you to start?
R: Man, I am glad, thank you for the invitation. Start at the homoerotic art was something that came naturally as a way to capture on paper my fantasies. Well, being a gay artist, became my way of self validate my own sexuality.

D: Your works portray so much from celebrity and fashion world: what do you like to portray to and what inspires you most?
R: What I do I like to portray, I think is obvious, handsome men with huge cocks. I took inspiration from many places, a classical sculpture of Antinous, an advertisement for Calvin Klein or a scene in a porn movie. In conclusion, I am inspired eroticism and beauty of the male body.

D: Your designs also reflects your fashion style?
R: My first impulse is to say no, but analyzing it better, I think that more and more I get influenced by my work. Inevitably life imitates art.

D: Do you like also comics and sci-fi? I see in your works...
R: Of course, the comic is my first love, and together with film provoked my fascination with science fiction and horror. I enjoy much do those themes.

D: Some advice to those guys who decide to start this kind of work?
R: Put all your passion in each line to trace, and it may seem a cliché, but it's true: draw, draw and draw; only practice makes perfect.


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