Seth Fornea - intervista esclusiva al rosso più sexy del mondo! (english version)

Interviste - Come annunciato tempo fa, il bellissimo Seth Fornea ha accettato di fare quattro chiacchiere col JIMIPARADISE.


Modello e ballerino, la sua pelurietta rossa vi ha fatto impazzire. Siete curiosi di sentire cosa ci ha detto? Dopo il saltino...

Hi Seth, let's speak about you: where are you from, where do yuo live and work now?
I was born and grew up in Angie, Louisiana.  It’s a small town of 240 just north of New Orleans.  It’s an area rooted in Gulf and Louisiana traditions with strong agrarian roots.  I now live and work in NYC

You are one of the sexiest and desired ginger-boy of the moment! When did you started and why? What do you feel? How your life is changed?
I started GoGo dancing at Oz New Orleans in December of 2010.  It was something I wanted to try.  It was fun, exciting, and a challenge for an introvert (like myself) so I just kept doing it.  Life has changed a lot in the past 4 years since then.  I resigned from my full time position as a Chemist with the USDA last year to pursue a lifestyle that I design.  I grew weary of the 9-5 job after doing it for almost a decade.  Now everyday is filled with a new challenge of finding/booking gigs and making the next few weeks happen. I like it for now.

How do you define yourself: gay, bi, straight? What's your point of view in legalizing gay marriage?
Absolutely gay.  
Marriage equality should be a non-issue. It’s ridiculous that a large portion of the population thinks that marriage is too special for the gays. Who are they kidding... Everybody pays into our system and everyone should have access to the same system benefits.  Simple as that.
Personally I don’t have the desire to get married. Marriage does not represent my life view or my relationship.

You posed nude for COLT Studio. Are you a bit exhibitionist? What can we exspect from your future: something harder, fashion or what?
I’m actually not an exhibitionist at all. I sleep in shorts and a T-shirt… I just can’t seem to sleep in underwear... I’m never comfortable. You can expect more commercial fashion and mainstream work from me in the future. Now that the initial posing nude is over... You could also expect lots more nude work... But more on the side of art and fashion.


The best and the worst moment of your career…
So far my favorite moment was dancing at Pines Party in 2013.  It was my favorite party I have ever attended. Worst moment was falling off the bar at Splash NYC about 3 years ago and taking out a crowd of people… Embarrassing lol

Do you shop? What do you think about fashion?
I rarely shop. I LOVE fashion but find myself in shorts and a t-shirt all the time. I like to think I am fashionable but realistically I am more of a comfort person.  

Let's speak about your body: do you enjoy sports, do you have some secret diet to keep yourself fit?
I played football briefly in high school and was a college rower during undergrad. Now I just lift and do cardio. My diet is sorta paleo, very meats and veggies oriented.

And what about technology: are you a technology-dependent?
My iPhone and I are pretty close... I mean we go everywhere together.  She gets me on the right subway, helps me make posts, bank deposits, find restaurants… I really can’t leave home without her...


Ringraziando Seth e il fotografo Wander Aguiar per le foto in esclusiva, vi ricordo che potete contribuire a far salire Seth sull'Olimpo, grazie al contest Gods of the Olympus! VOTATELO!


foto credit: Wander Aguiar in esclusiva per JIMIPARADISE
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