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We made a small spicy talk with hot italian newcomer from TimTales, Lucas Kazan, Kristen Bjorn and Lucas Entertainment RAUL KORSO!


Hello Raul, thanks for agreeing to chat with us! First of all, I ask you to introduce yourself to our readers! 
Hello everyone, my name is Raul Korso. I'm 34, I've always lived around the world. I'm an Italian-Lebanese and I like sports and physical culture. As a young boy I practiced Athletics, specialty 100-meter dash, and my idol was Carl Lewis. Then I played volleyball at 25 years, I started going to the gym frequently and treat my body even more. But my real passion is art. I looked carefully at the physical culture through art, the exaltation of beauty and human body thanks to iconic artists such as Michelangelo and Caravaggio above. The 'Death of the Virgin' is my favorite opera. I come from a very religious family and I have to say that it is a painting that has always fascinated me, even for the story of how it was made (extras taken from the street and a prostitute to impersonate the Virgin).

Your career has definitely taken a turn upward, before Tim Tales, then Kazan. Can I ask you how did you start? 
Aesthetics has always influenced my choices. I consider myself attractive but not beautiful. I think that I have that magnet that draws the gaze of the people and that allows me to not go unnoticed and seen by more than one person by the street... (laught). It all started when I was 26 years old. One evening I was going to a nightclub in Rome; there was a PR who organized the evening and that stopped me at the entrance telling he noticed me as I walked down the street. He proposed the animation in the club, but initially I did not accept; Then after I started in the city's famous club Gourgeous, thanks to performer Karma B, and so began my career as a go-go boy. It is a very important figure in the evenings at the disco! Then from there it all started. 

Let's talk about castings: do yuo find exciting to perform with an audience or have you had problems? 
I did the first 'casting coach' by Kristen Bjorn in Barcelona in 2011. It was just me and another actor. After shooting the first movie I decided to stop for a year and I started working again in clubs throughout Europe: Barcelona, ​​Zurich, Milan, Rome, Sardinia and Ibiza. Then, I started last year the first n gay porn movie with Lucas Kazan and follow Lucas Entertainment, Tim Tales and Dark Alley. The scenes were filmed in Sicily in Catania (for Lucas Kazan), in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Berlin.


Tim Kruger, Lucas Kazan, etc. ... great names! What differences have you noticed working with these directors? 
For me it was really a great honor to work with such important personalities in the world of hard. I soon noticed they are very professionals and very serious by extreme attention to details and even small details: it's the little nuance that make the difference. However, even with the other production houses I found myself very well and I had no problems with anyone. Now I had contact from other important production companies overseas and I hope shortly to be able to shoot a film in the States. 

What did really shocked you or you would never have expected to see? 
I am a professional and I consider myself a serious person, like other people on the set. Apart from the fact that I can have my limits approaching sex, I try to deal with every situation and every part or role in the best way, otherwise I would not have chosen this path. Flatters me the fact of having had the opportunity to work together with the best-known names hard. 

For who you could lose your mind? 
Work is work, even if there is a nice feeling with partners; but this advantage has to go to the movies, to make the scene more believable and real. In this way it facilitates the work of production and the viewer perceives the magic that is created. However, it is a world so full of handsome guys, sensual and physically perfect and an esthete like I am can lose head (another laugh).


Boring questions: where do you live? Like your city? How is your perfect day? 
Most often live in Milan. It's a chaotic city, hardworking but also mysterious and intriguing, because of its dark side and also because it hides all the luxury and the beauty that it has. My typical day? I wake up after 8, breakfast (sweet and salty as in the tradition of the English breakfast); after the usual committees, also related to my work, in the afternoon I go to the gym, then I look at the appointment book ... 
I'm not really for appetizers, I prefer instead a beautiful and tasty dinner in the company. Food and sex are to me verging on perfection. I do not like carelessness. I love instead tastes a bit ''wild", savage and refined at the same time and I like to be surprised and amazed with great simplicity. To make an impression on me you don't need to buy me a Mercedes: I just need a small but sincere gift that comes from the heart. Obviously, if you have a car to give me I not disdain! (new laught). Also I repeat: I have an unbridled passion for art and I like to paint. 

Would you recommend your new job? 
It's a job! It has its own characteristics and attitudes, its pros and cons ... A painter can't say "paint!" to the first who sees... It takes commitment, passion, sacrifice and good will with the predisposition that gives you Mother Nature. Do not forget that we are the hardcore players and we are called to play a role; This does not mean that the role that we played it's our real life ... Who is willing to take this path should first consult a production house for a casting. If you are lucky to find the right situation the road is already less uphill. Again, the details make the difference, especially in front of the cameras. Without this spirit everything fails. Just as Caravaggio and Michelangelo, if they were not so damn perfect in their work today ... no one would know who they were and what they were painting!

Food, sex, sports and art: in four words ... Raul Korso!

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