Hugh Jackman parla della scena di nudo nel nuovo X Man


Hugh Jackman hot

Eh sì anche Hugh Jackman, nonostante sia un figo ultragalattico si è dovuto preparare quando gli hanno confermato che in X Man: Days of future past ci sarebbe stata una scena di nudo! Su non guardate le vostre pancette e leggete cosa ha dichiarato:

Hugh Jackman naked

There’s a naked shot in this one. Not front naked but full-body. So I made it very clear that I wanted to know the date I’d be shooting that stuff. That was May 21. And I remember about three weeks before that, I hear, ‘Oh, we’re having some trouble with the day, we might push it off a few weeks. I said, ‘Absolutely not! I don’t care, you can push anything back you want, but I’m naked on that day!’’ 

Ma tranquilli Hugh ci dà un ottimo consiglio:
Learn a lot about yourself. You push yourself, challenge yourself, you go to places emotionally you don’t always want do that. But it keeps you fresh and young. Our tendency in life is to narrow everything. Worldview, friendships, choices, feelings we have, reactions to things become smaller and narrower. We lose our range.
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