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Certo che Dylan Rosser ne ha fotografati di modelli... E vogliamo parlare delle copertine e delle riviste da lui fondate?

Ovviamente non potevamo non intervistarlo! :P

Q. Let's speak about your art: why did you start photographing and what do you like to photograph to?

A. I started out of boredome and not feeling very creative in the job i was doing at the time. As far as “what i like to photograph”, i assume thats obvious? Naked men :)

Q. Your shots seems to celebrate nudes and male beauty: what do you want to tell us?

A. I’m not a believer in making up some pretentious back story to my work. I like the male body, I like images that are pleasing to the eye. If someone wants to put their own story to the image thats great and i encourage it, but there rarely is more to it that just a pretty picture.

Q. Who's your "perfect" model/body you have photograhped? What's your fav cover?

A. Impossible to answer. In terms of type of model i like toned and athletic guys rather than big overly musceled guys.

Q. Do you travel a lot for your work? Where do you live? Do you like your country? Is ok for your work?

A. I grew up in cape town and then moved to london for 15 years which is where i started shooting the male nudes. Last year i moved to ibiza which is a great ocation for me to shoot guys naked outdoors. So i rarely shoot in studio anymore. I tend to travel a few times a year for shoots but i’m trying to stay based in Ibiza as much as possible.

Q. Do you work for fashion? What do you think about fashion?

A. I have zero interest in fashion. I never feature any items of clothing in any of my books. I admire many fashion photographers but it is not something i think i could do.

Q. Let's speak about art in general: do you have fav artists? Do you have inspiring people in your mind while working?

A. I have many favourite photographers like Herb Ritts, Annie Liebovitz, Bruce Weber, Steven Klein, but i get inspired now more by images i see in music videos or on tv. I guess like many others i am less likely to look at printed publications these days.

Q. And what about technology: are we all photographer today?

A. Yes, i think we are all photographers. Its all subjective. What is art? On instagram you can take any average pic and make it much better. It give those that maybe before could not afford a fancy digital SLR, the tools to start creating. Who is to say one of my pics is better than anyone elses? All i can hope for is that as i continue to shoot male nudes i will have someone that will continue to like them.

Dylan RosserDylan Rosser

Dylan Rosser

Dylan Rosser
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Dylan Rosser
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Dylan RosserDylan RosserDylan Rosser

Dylan Rosser

Dylan Rosser

Dylan Rosser

Dylan RosserDylan Rosser

Dylan RosserDylan Rosser
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