Jimi Paradise intervista Rogan Richards

Rogan Richards

Sono davvero molto emozionato nel pubblicare sul JP l'intervista a Rogan Richards!

Classe '80, nato in Australia, vive e lavora in Canada. E' uno degli attori del momento e, sicuramente, l'esempio perfetto di fusione tra arte e porno! Conosciamolo assieme:

Rogan Richards

Q. Hi Rogan, speak about you: where are you from, where do yuo live and work now?

A. I grew up in a Bogan suburb of Brisbane, Australia, which is why I listen to metal music and drink Bourbon. I now live in Sydney, with my snake, fish and MOTU collection. Though I’m always in Europe and the USA working.

Q. You are one of the sexiest and desired performer of the moment! What do you feel? How your life is changed?

A. I feel like Missy from, Bring it On, “… So take a whiff”!

Q. How dou you define yourself: gay, bi, straight? What do yuo think about gay-for-pay performer? Are you excited about that?

A. I live a fully-turbo-charged gay lifestyle, I love and am in relationships with men so I identify myself as a gay man even though I am straight for pay. And all the gays out there that have attacked me for this, its you’re own issues you need to address about sexuality not mine. I’ve shot with two gay-for-pay performers and they were both professional and amazing men. I think porn fans forget we are creating a product, this is fictional sex to get you off.

Rogan RichardsRogan Richards

Q. Nowadays what's the role of adutl industry? There are still some taboo to break up and what we can expect in the future for you?

A. Like I previously said the role of the sex industry is to primarily get the viewer off. If the viewer wants to make more of it, then that becomes their personal exploration. There’s still a lot of taboo surrounding sexuality and sometimes it seems we get more closed minded, judgemental and attack what we don’t understand or the unfamiliar. What does the future hold for me? I assume you mean in the porn industry… Well heaps more sexy KIK ASS films for you to jerk off too…

Q. Do you shop? What do you think about fashion?

A. You’re more likely to find me in a comic store than a fashion designer’s.

Rogan Richards

Q. Let's speak about your body: do you enjoy sports, do you have some secret diet to keep yourself fit?

A. I was a shy and socially challenged teenager so I was afraid of competitive sports. This was frustrating cause I liked being physically active. I think that’s why I started bodybuilding, as it was a solo sport. My diet is like any bodybuilders. Only I drink a lot of Bourbon.

Q. And what about technology: are you a technology-dependent?

A. When you say Technology do you mean media? If so, I am a total media whore! I have mastered the art of shameless self-promotion through the extensive media platforms provided to us.


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