Quattro chiacchiere col modello Aaron Ogun

Povero Aaron, avrà pensato che mi sono dimenticato di lui... Ecco a voi l'intervista che mi ha concesso tutta per voi!

Q. Hi Aaron, speak about your work: do you like modelling? Is that a long time you do so?
A. I modelling since June 2013, so just for 4 months, but yeah, I really like it. It’s a versatile job in which you meet many people, make new friendships and learn lots of new things for life, so I can’t complain :)

Q. What's the most important cities for your work? And which one do you prefer?
A. At time I still go to school, so it’s not easy for me to go to other cities. I try to give my best at school, that I am able to leave Vienna for modelling. My big dream would be London :)

Q. Nowadays what's the role of fashion? Are you a fashion-victim?
A. For me fashion is very important. I wouldn’t say that I’m a fashion-victim, or maybe.. just a little bit.

Q. Do you have secrets to keep yourself fit? What do you eat? What sport do you practice?
A. At time I am a really fitness freak. I go 4 times per week to gym, 2 hours per workout. I also renounce alcohol and fast food. A lot of water and healthy food is my secret to keep myself fit.

Q. Let's speak about your life in general: do you have fav music? Fav foods, ect...
A. I have a lot of favourite music songs but at time I am in love with “Bondax-Gold”. My favourite food is chinese food and all kinds of Italian food :)

Q. And what about technology: is important for you?
A. Of course, without technology I wouldn’t answer your questions now :D I am not a technical freak, but I know the basics you need.

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