Quattro chiacchiere con l'artista Benoît Prévot! (english)

Sono molto felice che un artista che seguo da anni ed il cui stile mi piace molto, abbia accettato di rispondere alle mie domande...

L'arte di Benoît Prévot ha l'eleganza di artisti del passato, come si evince dal suo blog, e dai quei tempi prende tutta quella voglia di mostrare e non mostrare allo stesso tempo, quella voglia di eros da comunicare, ma anche nascondere perché proibito...

C'è tutto questo e anche di più, ovviamente, nei lavori di questo artista francese e, per questo, vi consiglio di approfondirne la conoscenza!

Q: May i ask you to present yourself to the italian guys?
A: I am 45 y old, and I have the luck to draw for leaving! I work for cartoon for the TV. Erotic drawings is a hobby for me.

Q: I love your works, what inspires you?
A: Most of all, what inspire me is the athmosphere, the feeling of  a period associated with an erotic moment.
I don't like doing just a sexual drawing only for the exciting moment of the sexual act.
Perheaps also because it s hard for me to be excited sexualy by a drawing. It did when I was a teenager but not anymore, so I prefer to be just erotic. I don't think I answered the question!

Q: I see great bodies in your videos, what else do you like in the male body?
A: What I like in the male body, the first thing I look at after the face and the global silhouette, is the butt and legs, this is what I think is the more attractive, but in general I am not focused on the body, I love the face and the expression, even if it seems cliché. And with the time, even if it is  in contraddiction with some of my drawings, I am  bored with bodybuilders. Hum, even if I work out 3 times a week, I am talking about steroids!!!

Q: What are the artists you admire or who inspire you?
A: Artists that really inspire me, like I see their work and that make feel as I d like to draw...
Alex Raymond, Stan Drake, Jc Leyendecker, John Sargeant and Winsor Mc Cay, for the principals!
after that, there are those that I admire there are a lot, but if foccuse on erotic art I would say Harry Bush and Tom of Finland, but I love Warhol, Rembrandt and Miro, Michelm Ange... too many!

Q: Who is your ideal of male beauty: celebrity, musician, mythological character?
A: Oh, I like the question! I don't know if you want one name or one in ech category.
Celebrity: I would say Gary Cooper
Musician: Lenny Kravitz
Mythological:... Spiderman... don't know they are just representations, so it could be Jesus on the cross sometime!

Q: What do you like in sex?
A: I like a lot of things, I don't represent all the things I like...

Q: What do you think about the many similarities between eros and fashion?
A: I dont know if you are talking about clothes, but for sure they are trying to erotize the fashion shows by showing moer the body, the "porno chic" is everywhere now ! I m not very interrested in fashion, just a little bit.
After that for the representation of an erotic symbol that as an impact of the population that should be concerned, for sure the relation with the fashion is important, even if some erotic symbols cross the fashion, male or female, like for me Brando, Monroe, Bardot.
Was it the question?

Q: What is your position in the debate on the equality for gays? Are you in favor of same-sex marriages?
A: For me there is no debate, it is a question of aquality of right, the same rights for adults that are willing to get married. It like nobady would dare to prohibid  awhite and a black to gat married. The right to have the choice!!
Personnaly I won't be married, it's not for me!

Q: What do you think about the church interference in private life? And its scandals?
A: Since the beggining of the question of the marriage, all the homophobia, most of all linked with religions concerned came out. I have heard things so horrible about homosexuality... I always things that all is not win, and we have to be aware all the time, not paranoic, but just aware, because this is in this kind of debate that we can fell the temperature. I lost a friend for that reason, it is a civil marriage, what the problems with religion???
I am not close to go in any religion places soon.
Anyway, the majority of the population don't care right now.

Q: A new work set in the Vatican?
A: All the religions are against gay marriage, I don't make any difference...
And the Vatican is in a bad position to talk about something they don't know...

Q: Fav movie and muscic?
A: "A place in the sun" directed by George Stevens, and anything song by Ella fitzgerald. I love Jazz.

Q: Where do you live? Do you like it or would change your city with another one?
A: I live in Paris, I like to be in a big city, don't wanna change now.

Q: Fav place and food?
A: I like to cross the brigdes at night in Paris when you can see all the monuments and the river, I think it is the most beautiful place to be in the city.

Q: Do you cook?
A: Yes I do, I also like to eat! I like to do like traditionnal meal and love to do deserts. I don't by ready made like dough, when I cook I do everything!

Q: Fav book and why?
A: Le faute de l'abbé Mouret de Zola.
I love Zola so I read all the "Rougon Macquart", this one because it is a beautiful love story and there is a wonderful feeling of a garden and the nature fragrances? He has, like Colette (another french writer) this powerful and sensual way of discribe the element it could be nature food women body, you could feel the taste of teh wine. Just love it.

Q: The perfect work you have in your mind?
A: don't have any idea... really...

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