AAMYKO 4 Paradise!

Jimi Paradise intervista il neo DJ Aamyko! (english version)

E' con immenso piacere che ospito in questa intervista esclusiva il debutto del celebre blogger londinese Aamyko come DJ!

Modaiolo, coloratissimo, eccessivo, questo personaggio è uno dei pilastri delle serate Gigolo della capitale britannica!

Vediamo se con questo divertente scambio di battute riusciamo a farlo conoscere meglio al pubblico italiano!

Q: So, my dear, first of all thank's for answering my questions! May I present you to my italian followers? :D
A: Yay!! I love Italians. Especially their sausages and yes I'm a slut! [me too!:P]

Q: We're long time friends-blogger and now you started a new career as DJ! Speak about that!
A: Well, I started my blog in 2008 and then the blog turned into a website with men, music and of course my views on gay life. I have always been a musical person. I'm a singer. That is what I do and I have had music in my life from the age of 5 so music is something that I has always been a HUGE part in everything that I do.
Last year a friend of mine, David Hart, who does the club night GIGOLO in London suggested to me that I should start DJ-ing at his night and of course I jumped at the opportunity to not only DJ in a club  but in one of the most iconic club nights in London! I've been playing there for around 8 months as their resident DJ and I am LOVING IT! You can listen to and download all of my mixes HERE

Q: What's your inspiration? Do you have reference points in music world?
A: I'm a musical whore! I like all kinds of music. I've always said, I love everything from David Bowie to Willa Ford. If I had to pick some of my all time faves they would be Giorgio Moroder, Grace Jones, Chic, Diana Ross, Prince, Missy Elliot and Mariah... Of course Mariah! But the list is truly endless.

Q: I love your style, i consider perfect for London clubs: speak about this nightlife...
A: Thanks! I really love getting all glam when I DJ. I try to outdo myself every week at GIGOLO and the shorts keep getting shorter and soon I just may start going out in underwear... Wait I've already done that!

Q: Do you love your city? And your Country?
A: I was born in Rancauga, Chile. And if you ask me if I love my city and country I would have to say: HELL NO! Most people in Chile are very judgemental and I never really got used to that. I love expressing myself with my clothes, hair and in Chile everyone wants to fit in and be "normal" which is something I hope I can never call myself. 
I moved to Dallas Tx when I was 5 yrs old  and I didn't like that either then when I was older I moved back to Chile lived in Santiago and always knew I had to get the fuck outta there. When I arrived in London I KNEW this was my home and if you ask me if I love my adopted city of London my answer would be: FUCK YES!

Q: What you think about Italy and italians?
A: When I first moved to London I taught English as a second language and had many Italian students and I think the Italians I have met have been warm, friendly and inviting oh and of course the guys are fucking HOT! I'm looking forward to DJ-ing in Italy very soon! I would love to play in a city like Milano. That would be wild!

Q: Speak about love: are you in love, what you think about gay marriage, equally and so on…?
A: Well, I like to think that I like love. Love something that everyone needs and wants. Not only in boyfriends or girlfriends but as well as friends, family etc.. I think that everyone in the world should have the right to get married to the person they love regardless. I don't like to deal with people's close minds, thinking that gays are bad and  ruin marriage. My answer for that is: GET THE FUCK OVER IT! 

Q: You like pink, i see, and so do i, what you think about my new logo? :P
A: Yes, I do love pink and the thing that I like about your logo is that it always  makes an impact and many people recognise your blog cos of the logo and you know that every one remembers a great brand! [:*]

Q: Are you a fashion victim? Fave designer?
A: I think I would have to say most certainly not fashion victim. I do NOT follow the latest trends or anything like that. I wear what I like to wear. I don't care what I wear as long as it looks good on my body. The other thing is that I really don't like wearing much clothes. I love wearing anything that makes me feel sexy and free. As for fave designer I would have to say someone with a crazy imagination like John Galliano, his 2004 Dior Spring/Summer  haute couture collection is something which to this day BLOWS my mind.

Q: Speak about you perfect kind of man: Which celebrity would you marry with?
A: This may sound bitter or resentful but there is no such thing as the "perfect man" and anyone who still believes in that is an idiot. I wouldn't go as far as to actually marry a celebrity but if I had a chance to fuck around with one it would deffo be British boxer David Haye. He's hot and kinda dumb just how I like 'em! 
Q: Two icons on a tower, who would you save: the Queen or Madonna? XD
A: That's a tough one cos they have both been around for thousands of years but deffo Madonna. [XD]

Q: Harry or William? :P
A: Harry ALL the way! Gingers are the hottest! [def. Agree!]
Q: Do you like Kate's style? What do you think about her?
A: I'm not really sure what I think of her.. How about boring! I think Kate has no style herself but I'm very sure she works with some boring old stylist. 
Q: Do you cook? Fave food?
A: Honey, I'm too fabulous to cook. [love you!] Fave food would have to be sushi. 
Q: We're now at your home: wich music, movies, object i find?
A: Well, you would find TONS of clothes, shoes and my bathroom is overflowing with face mask, scrubs, face cream, body cream.. Anything that will make me look, smell and taste delicious!

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